Monthly Archives: January 2010

The nursery that we frequently purchase from gave me a dozen Angelonia angustifolia to try out last summer. They were wilting and pale from their captivity. There was small hope that they should thrive but we hated to toss anything that still had a chance. So we planted them in difficult clay soil, watered them […]

The real value of landscaping is the satisfaction that a well-done job delivers. However, the long-term profitability in selling can be the main motivating factor for many. The VA extension office has quantified the impact of a well-designed, well-installed landscape on the overall sale value of a home. A professionally designed and installed project can […]

Sometimes it’s not about knowing everything about a plant as it is about appreciating it for its own sake. Genus, species, origin and even specifics of growth habits are just data. When a plant is wondered at in its immediate circumstance and charm the “facts” are less necessary. The seasons bring out– as well as […]