Monthly Archives: March 2010

The sound of flowing water has long been a necessity in the art of creating serene and inspiring landscapes. Building a custom pond or water feature can be costly and time-consuming to maintain. Though it is visually and audibly attractive, sometimes it is just not practical. One way to bring the element of moving water […]

Every outdoor “room” needs furnishings which can come in every shape and size. Depending on how you plan on using the space, your furniture might be rough and rustic or soft and comfortable. If you are a naturalist and want to lounge in a hidden corner of your garden you may opt for an adirondack […]

One trick that really helps to give instant impact to a bed is the deep, defined trench which creates an edge. Some people choose to use edging that is made of aluminum, steel or plastic. If you are not raising the bed too much above the grade, these can be costly and cumbersome to maintain. […]

When you begin to plan your garden excavations and permanent features don’t forget to drag out your old, forgotten plat for review. If you fail to familiarize yourself with the government and community impositions, AKA  “easements,” you might find that your sweaty efforts can be reduced to rubble. According to Free Advice, “An easement allows […]

Strolling around the yard today, coffee cup in hand,  I realized how much damage was inflicted from the incessant batterings of snow and its maintenance. Branches snapped off, bleeding with sap. Piles of gravel, are leaching into the yard where excess snow was piled. Places once suitable for planting are diminished to salty ghosts of […]

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