Monthly Archives: April 2010

Have you heard that there are some plants that deer absolutely won’t eat? I can tell you from experience that the list is getting shorter and shorter. Plants that I had always seen on the “Never-Eat” list are being mowed down or at the very least, heavily nibbled. When planning with deer in mind, use […]

Space is a commodity in urban living that doesn’t lend itself to extensive gardening. Regardless of the space, you can maximize every square foot of sunny space to grow your favorite herbs and vegetables by being creative with containers. Don’t limit yourself to standardized plastic pots or boxes. Use unusual or interesting finds from flea […]

This winter was brutal. Though most plants seem to have bounced back with minimal damage, there was one class that took a hit: the specimens. Most notable was the weeping Japanese Maple. The poor guy just couldn’t help it. The graceful drape became a liability under the excess snow. The branches were forced apart at […]

Flowering plants can draw all kinds of critters, but the most enjoyable to watch are the butterflies. To plan a butterfly garden, find a sunny spot in your yard. There are many plants that are recommended, but i find that some are more suited for a maintainable garden than others. Butterfly bushes (hard to guess […]

One of my clients has a great collection of gift-giving ideas for the warm weather celebrations. With Mother’s day right around the corner, think gardening gifts for your wife/mother. For the outdoor lovers, lunch al fresco may be just the ticket. Instead of a bouquet of flowers that quickly loses its charm, what about potting […]