Monthly Archives: February 2011

With a big box garden center or home improvement store on every corner it can be hard to fathom actually paying someone to help orchestrate your garden. The value of professional assistance can seem somewhat thin at first glance, especially if you prefer to conquer projects on your own. Fees can ran range from $25 […]

One cause of basement dampness is improper treatment of downspouts. All the rain water collected from the roof is channeled down the downspouts out into the yard. If nothing is done to manage the flow, water can pool against the foundation causing moisture seepage and damage. In the first image, a downspout is completely buried, […]

One ingredient we have found to be key in giving newly installed plants a fighting chance is M-Roots. As described on the label “M-ROOTS® is a special blend of natural organic ingredients in dry-ROOTS® plus 18 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizae. The claim is quite bold: “M-ROOTS should be used on all plantings in disturbed […]

It seems unusual but even landscaping can go out of style or outgrow its purpose. Spring is a great time to review what you have, what needs to be changed and what you can do to continue improving your landscaping. Look at how you live your life, how you use your space. If you entertain […]

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