Monthly Archives: March 2011

So in an over-specialized world where we have a knickknack for every function of our lives it can be difficult to “think outside of the box..”….quite literally. We have envelope sized containers for envelopes, DVD sized organizers just for DVDs and toy boxes shaped like, well, toys. The deviled egg holder that you use once […]

It seems a pretty simple thing: pick a spot, dig a hole, stick a tree in it and fill the hole back up. That’s how my dad always did it and it seemed to work. The trick to making that method effective would appear to be in ones prior familiarity with how plants work. For […]

With spring right around the corner there is a new hope for those looking to sell their properties. There seems to be a stirring in the air, a new excitement that has been absent for the past couple of years. Some people are settling in and looking at how to improve the value as well […]

In my experience, there is no perfect way to design a landscape. There is such a thing as a bad design, as in, not functional, not appealing or downright destructive (think of the massive tree planted right next to a foundation). A step up from that would be better. But the idea of “best” depends […]