Monthly Archives: May 2011

I make a living telling other people to streamline, re-group, mass plant and reorganize. So I have a confession to make: I collect plants. Big ones, small ones, edibles, not-so-edibles, pokey ones, fluffy ones. I take in every orphan that has been rejected and every struggling sapling that shows promise. I throw them in willy […]

This upcoming weekend May 21 & 22, 2011, Manassas will be kicking off its celebration of the 150th anniversary of the civil war with re-enactment events at the Ben Lomond Historic Site. It will be a free family fun day to relive the realities that the soldiers had to endure during those difficult years. We […]

Paths can be made out of all kinds of materials but one of my favorites is natural stone either as steppers or flagstone. Stone can be laid in a stone dust base and arranged and re-arranged to get the look you want. The latest project we have just completed has 2′ x 3′ flagstone pathway […]

As I was meandering down the trails in the Battlefield and its surrounding woodlands with my family, I could not help but notice the unkempt, untidy fashion with which Nature had been keeping house. Large trees mounted one on the other in the shallow river bed like a pileup of unseasoned ice skaters. Vines engulfing […]