Monthly Archives: September 2011

For a gardening community online: “TO-DO LIST FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER Mid-Atlantic Planting flower in fall bed. September gardening combines the pleasures of late summer flowers and fall color with the opportunity to plan ahead for a lovely spring. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, there are easily six more weeks of growing season before the first […]

Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Landscape Design 1. Love to make an unused area a destination. 2. Enjoy seeing the world through other people’s eyes. 3. Appreciate the order that design can bring to the landscape. 4. It pushes me to think creatively and efficiently. 5. Gives me a medium for artistic presentations. 6. It […]

Fall is the time to plant those spring bulbs. Hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and narcissus are all in order for a splash of spring color. For small amounts of bulbs, Costco and other wholesalers carry reasonably priced bulbs. For larger quantities (for your woodland setting, for example) or commercial applications contact a landscape professional. To calculate […]

A great way to learn about plants without spending a boatload on books is to start a collection of catalogs. Growers, mail-order companies and direct sellers create colorful and thorough catalogs that are more like mini-encyclopedias. Direct Gardening Association has a collection of vendors that offer free catalogs that you can sign up for. On […]