Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer . . .

Lazy days of summer always get me in a lull. I drink in the warm weather, enjoy the freedom of a looser routine and forget about the looming workload...that inevitable flux of work generated by the perfection of the season.

With the summer quickly nearing its end and the fall hustling to get in place now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game. Instead of considering your garden needs in the short weeks of the fall planting window, start the process now. Some things to consider for you autumn aspirations:

  1. Fall is the best time to transplant/divide so make arrangements to have that done now rather than in the spring. It gives the relocated plants a time to acclimate and has them undisturbed for the spring when they will be growing a strong root system to support the new arrangement.
  2. Though it is not as hot, you will still want to keep watering--especially if there is a long period without any moisture.
  3. Try to avoid planting evergreens in the fall. The winter can be harsh on them since their leaves stay attached. Deciduous, or plants that lose their leaves, tend to manage much better. Perennials are champs when planted in the fall.
  4. Don't forget the bulbs. This is the time to get your bulb planning done so that you have some color in the spring.
  5. Prepare your vegetable garden now with cow or horse manure so it is ready to go in the spring--the time allows the manure to mellow so its potency doesn't burn the young plants.