July is that mid-summer month that comes too late to the party to make the spring planting window, yet too early for a safe entry into fall. It is, however, the perfect time to really appreciate all your earlier labors and to re-evaluate the needs that have yet to be met.


  • DO weed your beds and remove debris to the compost pile
  • DO water every day when rain has not been regular; watch your plants for signs of dehydration in the way of droopiness
  • DO deadhead your perennials and annuals. Geraniums notoriously need attention as do all your spent perennials.
  • DO cut your hydrangeas and zinnias and fill vases throughout the house with fresh flowers.
  • DO freshen up your mulch
  • DO fertilize your plants


  • DO NOT divide plants or transplant
  • DO NOT travel without making property care arrangements

July is also a great time to do a quick mid-summer spruce up to keep your property looking its best for the summer festivities!

HAPPY JULY 4th and beyond!