B2B Designs for Fellow Busy Landscapers & Homeowners

Have great design ideas but no time to do a professional presentation?

Rivas Design can help you turn an on-site sketch into a colorful sales tool for your client or HOA. We can provide aerial views (plan views) and elevation drawings (like the one to the left).


Original on-site sketch from client landscaper

What information do I need to provide?

  • Measurements of the house, driveway, sidewalks
  • Any existing material, trees, etc should be noted
  • If you are a company, your logo and contact info can be added to the drawing
  • Placement of your plants, noted sizes and varieties
  • Measurements for new structures (like walkways, walls, patios, etc.)

How much does it cost?

Polished design for presentation to client

Cost will depend on how much information is supplied, how large the project is and how much detail is required. Design fees are $65/hour with a $25 setup fee for the first time you work with us. The setup fee includes a customized graph paper with your logo for our use in designing for your clients.

The design pictured here was a 1 hour project. The turnaround time was 36 hours.


I want a polished design! How do I start?

Contact us at info@rivasdesign.net, attach a copy of your project, along with a jpeg of your logo and company info (if applicable). We can take a look and give you a quick proposal for cost and completion. Make your next sale easily with the professional Rivas Design touch!

Prefer an actual consultation, site visit and custom design in the Northern Virginia area? We can help with that also.