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Summer Reset!

Summer is a great time to hit the RESET button on life. Your landscaping benefits from a review also. While you are spending time outside, take note of how you are using the property. + Are you "outdoorsy" people who love to spend time outside all summer?  + Do you...

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Lining Your Driveway with Trees

Planting trees along your driveway can be a long-term investment. An allee, or tree alley, is usually a planting of medium to large deciduous trees evenly spaced along a walk or drive. There are a few things to consider before planning for your driveway allee. Distance. Do you have enough...

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Landscape Designs for “Your” Dream Yard

Awhile back, I had an enlightening experience with a local spa and wellness center that reminded me again of the importance of being clear in your wishes. A friend had given me a wonderful gift to pamper myself with relaxation and renewal. I called to set up the appointment, excited at...

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