Nokesville Hardscape Project We recently finished a project for a client in Nokesville that entailed replacing a crumbling timber wall with stone and creating a fire pit area for evening campfires. The entire area was regraded and sodded to create a neat finish. Prior to the new sod, two diseased dogwoods were removed to open […]

Every household uses their property in a different way. Some people are outdoors all the time–they entertain outside, they play outside, they eat outside. Other people are “indoorsy” (as Jim Gaffigan likes to call himself). They prefer to see their beautiful properties through the haze of a window. I find, however, that most people fall […]

Paths can be made out of all kinds of materials but one of my favorites is natural stone either as steppers or flagstone. Stone can be laid in a stone dust base and arranged and re-arranged to get the look you want. The latest project we have just completed has 2′ x 3′ flagstone pathway […]

When you are planning your garden, there are so many options and so many beautiful outcomes. Give the arrangement style and interest by incorporating varied textures. Use big, flat leaves of the hydrangea combined with grass type plantings. Small leaves complement the larger leaves and keep them from dominating. Draw in hard textures as well […]

Part of the process of design is to think about the overall result. It is easy to get too focused on specific details and forget that each little corner plays its part in the greater picture. When you are planning, remember to carry your color/texture/plant throughout the project. With the exception of specialty pieces that […]