For a gardening community online: “TO-DO LIST FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER Mid-Atlantic Planting flower in fall bed. September gardening combines the pleasures of late summer flowers and fall color with the opportunity to plan ahead for a lovely spring. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, there are easily six more weeks of growing season before the first […]

A great way to learn about plants without spending a boatload on books is to start a collection of catalogs. Growers, mail-order companies and direct sellers create colorful and thorough catalogs that are more like mini-encyclopedias. Direct Gardening Association has a collection of vendors that offer free catalogs that you can sign up for. On […]

With spring right around the corner there is a new hope for those looking to sell their properties. There seems to be a stirring in the air, a new excitement that has been absent for the past couple of years. Some people are settling in and looking at how to improve the value as well […]

One ingredient we have found to be key in giving newly installed plants a fighting chance is M-Roots. As described on the label “M-ROOTS® is a special blend of natural organic ingredients in dry-ROOTS® plus 18 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizae. The claim is quite bold: “M-ROOTS should be used on all plantings in disturbed […]