Every year at Costco you will find the best deals on the planet for a limited collection of plants. As a landscaper, I cannot even acquire them at that cost. It is one of the best ways to save, but you have to act fast. At $15 a piece, they go like hotcakes!

Tips for buying plants at Costco:

  • Bring a truck. The plants are sized such that you will either need to leave the kids in the parking lot so you can get them home.
  • Get a couple more than you need. Because they are so cheap grab some extras in case you underestimate your space. You may be hard-pressed to fin the exact same variety again.
  • Plan ahead. It is tempting to just buy plants that look good but in reality, if you don’t have a good place for them, they may become “clutter” and actually be just a waste of money.2015-03-28 10.20.02