One of the things that I have found helpful in creating great landscapes is to determine the plants that are less finicky and more reliable. There is so much variety in plant choice that it can be overwhelming. We use a few standards when choosing our plants. We usually ask:

  • Is it suited for this area?
  • Is it suited for this client and their level of interest?
  • Is it a reliable performer?

If a plant fails any of these questions, we usually proceed with caution or avoid it altogether. Ill-suited plant choices can be costly both in replacement costs as well as in emotional costs. When something beautiful goes in the ground only to suffer a gradual decline due to poor selection, there is some satisfaction that is lost in the process.

Want to learn more about Liriope muscari ‘Variegata’ and why we use it? Print off our Plant Spotlight for it here.  To design using our Landscape Design Template, the Liriope is a number 1. Check out our template, available here.

Want to begin collecting info on plants for your own use? Print off a Blank Plant Spotlight Page (black and white)and create your own database. If you prefer a little more color, here is the Plant Spotlight Template-Blank in color with a blue graph. You can draw in black ink and photocopy to create a clean copy with graphing lines. I have found the best way to learn about plants is to see them in action and jot down any notes or sketches you gather.