“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” Ray Kroc

Professional Landscape Standards

I was recently commissioned to create a working guide for bed maintenance for one of the counties we work with. The intention was to make a guide for all of the members of the maintenance teams to follow as a standard.

It gave me the opportunity to really condense some of the basics of what we do–but in a clean and accessible format. Illustrations were used throughout to ensure clarity: pictures of pests, weeds and tools as well as drawings.

While there is no such thing as a completely comprehensive guide due to the breadth and width of the industry, it is a good start for defining some of the most basics tenets of the industry.

Who would benefit from the Landscape Standards?

  • Homeowners looking to get a good start at understanding how to care for their beds, what tools to use when, how to identify pests and weeds local to Virginia
  • Landscape Contractors for training or complementing their standards operating procedures
  • Municipal Managers for establishing a set of standards for the departments and training

Table of Contents

The table of contents outlines the topics that are addressed in the standards. It is meant to be user friendly and easily understood so as to avoid fluff.

Buy a copy of the standards for your own use here.

Interested in adding topics or refining the existing information to reflect your company or department? Contact us today to discuss making a specialized version for your needs.