Front Entrance Before

Front Entrance Mid Project

Front Renovation for Impact

The entrance to a building is like a person’s eyes. It tells you a lot about what’s inside. If the outside is not well-kept, it can indicate a lack of care on the inside. Curb appeal isn’t just for homes that are going on the market. It is for businesses who want to make a good first impression.

Big change, little cost

There are a few things that can bring immediate impact without breaking the bank.

  • Remove any material that has outlived its usefulness. There are always some plants that are either beyond reshaping, have outgrown their space or flat out detract from the overall aesthetic. In this project, the pears that framed the pathway actually detracted from the building, making it dark and secondary. By opening up the area we gave the building prominence and brought in a freshness that was lacking. While it is not visible in this picture, it is important to note that the pears were also removed because they were failing due to disease and branch loss.
  • Pay attention to balance. All balance means is that there is an even arranging of plants and beds throughout the area. In this case, symmetry was also important because the building was  somewhat (though not exactly) symmetrical. In the before picture, the beds were not symmetrical, nor were the plantings.
  • Clean it up. Sometimes just doing a good cleanup and mulching will make all the difference. The least expensive option, it means just cleaning and edging the beds well and applying a good coat of mulch to keep the weeds back.

Entrance After