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I make a living telling other people to streamline, re-group, mass plant and reorganize. So I have a confession to make: I collect plants. Big ones, small ones, edibles, not-so-edibles, pokey ones, fluffy ones. I take in every orphan that has been rejected and every struggling sapling that shows promise. I throw them in willy […]

Flowering plants can draw all kinds of critters, but the most enjoyable to watch are the butterflies. To plan a butterfly garden, find a sunny spot in your yard. There are many plants that are recommended, but i find that some are more suited for a maintainable garden than others. Butterfly bushes (hard to guess […]

Prince William County, Virginia is presenting a series of free horticulture classes that are open to the public. They cover topics like vegetable gardening, turf maintenance, and perennial gardening. There are also classes for children at the same time. So check out the schedule of classes and get your green on!

Part of the process of design is to think about the overall result. It is easy to get too focused on specific details and forget that each little corner plays its part in the greater picture. When you are planning, remember to carry your color/texture/plant throughout the project. With the exception of specialty pieces that […]