Fall, in all it's beauty, is here.

What Our Customers Have To Say

This spring brought an unpleasant surprise. After some truly beautiful (and unseasonable) weather, we were hit with some devastating cold that traumatized the delicate new growth. Flowers were already in full display and fruit trees were covered in pure potential. Leaves had started to unfurl and buds were ready to burst. That is, until the […]

Using edibles for ground cover can kill two birds with one stone: you can have a nice looking bed filler with a delicious bonus! I have grown strawberries in raised beds in my garden and in my landscape beds. While the landscape beds require a little bit more attention to detail so that they make […]

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with Natural Privacy Rivas Design offers a Privacy Design module for a natural border to turn your yard into a quiet retreat allowing you to enjoy it all year.  This Privacy Design module includes: -Leyland Cypress -Green Giant Arborvitae or Virginia Cedar -Labor, tools and mulch for circles Download the Privacy […]