Nokesville Hardscape Project We recently finished a project for a client in Nokesville that entailed replacing a crumbling timber wall with stone and creating a fire pit area for evening campfires. The entire area was regraded and sodded to create a neat finish. Prior to the new sod, two diseased dogwoods were removed to open […]

“Growth is the only evidence of life. ” -John Henry Newman Understanding how much space a plant will take up in 5, 10 or 15 years can be a huge savings. Initially, the plantings can seem insufficient. The space in between can seem like a mere weed haven. However, if you plan right, the plants […]

    SPOTSYLVANIA ENTRANCE LANDSCAPING A beautiful entrance feature is important to catch the initial interest of your clients. In the case of this nursing home, the outside appearance is especially important. The outside care reflects the care that one can expect inside the building. To achieve immediate impact, here are some guidelines that we […]

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