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It seems unusual but even landscaping can go out of style or outgrow its purpose. Spring is a great time to review what you have, what needs to be changed and what you can do to continue improving your landscaping. Look at how you live your life, how you use your space. If you entertain […]

Sometimes it’s not about knowing everything about a plant as it is about appreciating it for its own sake. Genus, species, origin and even specifics of growth habits are just data. When a plant is wondered at in its immediate circumstance and charm the “facts” are less necessary. The seasons bring out– as well as […]

One way to begin to recognize and appreciate your resident plants is to take organized notes throughout the seasons. You don’t have to know everything about them but there are some features you can begin to look for as a means of identification. Initial Observations: SIZE–Is it under 5 feet? Then it’s a shrub. Under […]

With so many things to learn about plants sometimes it is easy to be overwhelmed. A good place to start is with the USDA Hardiness Map. You can find your zone based on your location and begin your hunt for the right plants. Know your zone and you avoid the always disappointing love affair with […]