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Summer Landscaping Check List

Summer is a great time to hit the re-set button on life. Your landscaping benefits from a review also. While you are spending time outside, take note of how you are using the property. Are you "outdoorsy" people who love to spend time outside all summer? Do you entertain frequently...

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Spring Cleanup

Quick Checklist to Get Your Yard Ready for Growing! Remove all weeds, debris, and fallen leaves & branches Prune back all expired perennials Cut back liriope and other groundcovers Shape deciduous shrubs that have not started to leaf out Edge beds with trench edge to define and border the beds...

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Wet Basements and How to Prevent Them

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Wet Basements Extend downspouts away from the house at least 10 feet. Make sure they distribute away from and not towards the foundation. Managing your downspouts can be the first line of defense against water damage for your foundation. Make sure that they extend away...

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